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A few screen caps and GIFs that i made with “Make a gif” website of  episode 5 of “Identity” with Aidan Gillen as John Bloom. I had some difficulty with the GIF’s.

Any way hope you like them?

Why don’t I see all the stuff? I want to see all the stuff! I suddenly see an Aidan Gillen post on someone’s blog from days ago and I think ‘where the hell has that beauty been hiding?’

I have crossed oceans of time to find you… x ]

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Very important red lining shots [2/2]
Doctor Who 8.09 “Flatline”


ASOIAF AUs - 9 of ??

Petyr x Sansa Arranged Marriage AU [ x ], in which the Lannisters shunt treasonous Stark blood into the unassuming, genial, minor house of Baelish. Though childhood affection now seems to bear fruit, no true gestures of love or softness fall between songbird and wolf. His holdings at Harrenhal, sufficient enough to wed a traitor’s daughter, loom as haunted near-ruins when the Lord and his Lady take up residence. Suppers pass in silence, days in solitude: even the marriage bed remains cool as days stretch into moons. Petyr required no notions of love in such a match, yet growing apathy between man and wife threatens to ruin all.

petyr “littlefinger” baelish + tropes


Aidan Gillen, 2014 Interview


classy cover boy reading his own mangos..

it’s transparent! 

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booksbabybooks replied to your post: Richard Roma, played by a superbly gre…

I saw this too! Loved it.

Wasn’t it fantastic? The whole cast was excellent. And the set was beautiful - well, as beautiful as you can have an office set. I’d never watched any David Mamet before but later on I saw Speed the Plow with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum which I loved. In Glengarry I loved this quote from Aidan’s character best:

You stupid fucking c***. You, Williamson… I’m talking to you, shithead… You just cost me six thousand dollars.  Six thousand dollars.  And one Cadillac.  That’s right. What are you going to do about it?  What are you going to do about it, asshole.  You fucking shit. Where did you learn your trade.  You stupid fucking c***.  You idiot. Whoever told you you could work with men?

I also loved the bit where he kicked the table … :D

youaremyfavouritewasteoftime replied to your post: Richard Roma, played by a superbly gre…

you lucky cupcake!

I didn’t have the guts to go find him afterwards for an autograph though, or to say hello when I saw him earlier, walking up Shaftesbury Ave (though he WAS walking a bit fast - it would’ve been awkward). xx

Petyr studied her eyes, as if seeing them for the first time. “You have your mother’s eyes. Honest eyes, and innocent. Blue as a sunlit sea. When you are a little older, many a man will drown in those eyes.” - A Feast For Crows.