Stuff your eyes with wonder ~ Ray Bradbury

See 'tags and TV' for the telly I love and all my passions and nonsense in life. I adore Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings. My favourite actor is Aidan Gillen and Lord Baelish and Stuart Alan Jones are my heroes. My other blogs ... fuckyeahqueerasfolkuk and aidangillenoneandonly

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cats are mysterious and powerful and we must respect them

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Welcome to Columbia

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Blinky face + Smiley face


Your Malcolm Tucker is showing.

There are so many memories from here, feast on them.


Good overview of the Thorne/Hendricks vibe, selected mainly from Sleepyhead, with a bit of Scaredycat: “David Morrissey and Aidan Gillen in Thorne - Tom and Phil.” I’d call it…platonic with a bit of unrequited lust, but I wouldn’t totally discount the idea of there having been some drunken fumbling in the past.


Fractal matrix over fractal matrix

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I love you all and you are all awesome 💕

"I never had an imaginary friend, just imaginary circumstances. I was so into the Indiana Jones movies and I would constantly reenact circumstances. I broke my left arm three times, two of which were me trying to be Indiana Jones. The first time, I tied sheets together and tried to climb the side of my house after I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. The second time, I was riding a horse and trying to gallop as fast as I could, like Indiana Jones, and got thrown from the horse. The third time I was bit older and it didn’t have anything to do with trying to be Indiana Jones" — Pedro Pascal interviewed by Sarah Paulson for Interview


Met Aidan Gillen at the Dublin airport today. No big deal. He’s only a main character on one of the biggest shows in the world. #littlefinger #petyrbaelish #gameofthrones #got




oh my…this is perfect

i literally stared for a minute or so

Ohhhhhh prettyyyyy

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"I’ll die if I have to. At least I know I tried to save them from becoming what you are."